Studio lighting

PixelBlanc uses an off-camera flash, and the flash is diffused by a softbox.

This technique produces a soft and directional light that gives a more natural and aesthetic look to the pictures.

  • Shapes faces and gives a uniform tint
  • Enhances eye and hair color
  • Respects the natural ambiance of the event

Mobility in the event

PixelBlanc moves around in the event, capturing diverse moments with diverse crowd sizes.

It is very important to have spontaneous guests to get more natural-looking pictures.

This is why we integrate and socialize with your guests, bringing out their authenticity.

  • Cocktail and red carpet
  • Speeches and tables
  • Animations and dancing

Immediate sharing

Getting a digital picture is fun, useful and powerful!

Everyone gets their picture effortlessly and immediately (via Text Message).

Guests can share pictures with each other or post on social media.

  • Personal souvenir
  • Impact on social media
  • Ideal for any promotional event